About “Daina: The Herbarium”

Experience a fantastic adventure in a hand painted world. Explore an overgrown island full of secrets, plant lush gardens and meet strange creatures - but beware the ever-changing weather and the dangerous wildlife.

“Daina: The Herbarium” is a single-player 3D adventure game for PC and Mac. The game does not contain any violence and is well suited for gamers of all ages. The player controls Daina, the main character of the game. She has lost her home and her parents in a tragic event. Now she and her grandfather are stranded on an apparently deserted island, but they soon discover that somebody has been living there before. The goal of the game is to unravel the mystery of the island and find a way to reach the rest of her people. The gameplay consists mainly of exploring the island, planting and tending gardens and solving puzzles. Additionally, Daina has to cope with hazards such as bad weather and dangerous creatures, while a butterfly net grants her the ability to catch butterflies and fireflies. And then there are fabulous creatures like the forgetful owl Ara, the sneaky Satyr and other, even more sinister beings.

The award-winning game “Daina: The Herbarium” takes inspiration from classic fairy tales and the television series The Moomins. Every texture in the game has been painstakingly painted with watercolors and other analog medias, and cutting-edge technology ensures a truly living and evolving world. How far will you go to save Daina and her people?